The Learning Hub

Learning & Development

Accompanying the other two sections of The Learning Hub, we view this section as an area to particularly highlight the lessons and learning emerging from the Space & Place programme.  The learning focus stems from the capital grant and community-led regeneration approach of the project and on the specific project and programme issues and opportunities arising. This has been structured into three sections:

  • Grantee learning: highlighting the project grantees perspectives & learning;
  • Programme learning: highlighting the learning legacy of the programme;
  • Wider learning: highlighting how this learning is applicable to wider sector and stakeholders from a practice to policy perspective.   

How to influence policy change from a community level…  

Practical experience, behaviours and outputs from the Space & Place programme provide a direct opportunity to capture the issues & learning that arise from a practical community-led perspective; to help instil learning, develop best practice and influence change by example.  Policy captures and documents this to enable shared learning.  As one of the Space & Place Consortium organisations, the Northern Ireland Environment Link have been tasked with exploring and teasing out the key policy lessons and learning from the programme.  The NIEL Space & Place Policy Officers’ provide an added value learning element, focusing on 4 thematic policy areas which align with the programme’s sub-outcomes:

  • Community Development
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Difficult Spaces
  • The Environment

Related policy

An overview of the key policy & strategic documents relating to the above policy areas is available for download here.