The Ederney Trust in partnership with Kesh Development Association

The Ederney Trust in partnership with Kesh Development Association will create a new park located between sites at Ederney and Kesh villages.

The new park will see planting schemes, a mountain bike track, walking trails, a community green, allotments and a space for public events across the two villages of Ederney and Kesh on a shared basis. Allied to this will be a programme of activities aimed at ensuring the embedding of shared working and shared space between the communities of the villages.

The project involves a partnership between Ederney Community Development Trust, Kesh Development Association and Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.

The community will be able to use new state of the art facilities in areas that were seldom used and often in a state of disrepair. The new North Fermanagh Valley Park recognises how shared space can be used effectively to bring communities together through recreation and sport. The project will utilise available space to develop a facility that will have a long-term positive impact for everyone who lives, works or visits North Fermanagh

Project Facts

Ederney and Kesh villages
Council Area
Fermanagh and Omagh
Initial Award
£ 1,000,000

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