Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council are heading up a project that will see the construction of a 'Unity Bridge' - connecting two local schools.

The project will see the construction of a new, iconic footbridge in Limavady that will act as a catalyst for change, connecting the predominantly Catholic St Mary’s School and the predominantly Protestant Limavady High School. 

The bridge will be developed over the Blackburn Path – an overgrown and neglected pathway that has been the source of dangerous, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. This project seeks to reclaim and transform this neglected space.

It is hoped that the physical connection between the two schools will help promote further community interaction, community connections and use of space within the schools for community use and kick-start the regeneration of the rest of the Blackburn path.

During school hours, the bridge will be used by around 1400 young people, providing a safe thoroughfare into shared spaces and different environments, encouraging the young people to connect with one another through a wide range of both academic and non-academic social, cultural and leisure activities.

In the evenings and weekends, the bridge will be used by the wider community to participate in a range of cross-community events and activities all throughout the year.

Project Facts

Council Area
Causeway Coast and Glens
£ 350,000