About Space & Place

Our Vision

Our vision is to create better spaces and places to connect more people, and more communities, together. 

To do this we will support projects which:

  • Create or increase access to new high quality local spaces with a range of activities for local community use.
  • Reclaim and re-use derelict and neglected land to create more attractive and useable green spaces; engaging communities in innovative approaches in their use of, and in the long term care and maintenance of, these places.
  • Promote an integrated approach to sustainable development through commitment to social, economic and environmental outcomes.
  • Enable community involvement and skills development resulting in projects that are initiated, designed, managed, and run by the local community.
  • Improve community cohesion and build new relationships within and between communities so that residents can appreciate, gain respect for and support the needs of others.
  • Develop strategies and approaches to enable change for communities that will inform debate and influence policy and practice.
  • Enable communities and individuals to develop healthier lifestyles by taking part in physical activities due to increased accessibility to affordable recreational spaces.
  • Tackle structural and societal social exclusion addressing power imbalances at a local level.